Some Tips to Prevent Dark Lips

Some Tips to Prevent Dark Lips

Some Tips to Prevent Dark Lips – Over time and the many products we use to treat our lips will definitely make our lips dry and even worse, they will turn black. Healthy lips are the dream of many people to make their appearance more attractive, even if they don’t use lip products. Unfortunately, there are still those who are not confident because their lips are black.

Black lips can be caused by many factors, you know! Well, you better prevent it by doing some of the ways below.

1. Pay attention to the expiration date on every lip product you use
The quality of expired cosmetics is less than optimal. So, try to always look at the expiration date before you buy a lip product.

In addition, you also have to be picky about lip products with ingredients that do not have the potential to cause allergies. To keep your lips healthy, don’t forget to prioritize quality first, OK!

2. Don’t lick or bite your lips often
Without realizing it, this habit may often be done. For example, when you feel anxious or nervous, you can bite or lick your lips to reduce the anxiety. Unfortunately, this habit is not good because it can cause dry lips.

Reported by Healthline, licking the lips can cause the lips to become dry and cracked due to thin lip skin. Maybe by licking your lips, you feel your lips become more moist. However, this condition only lasted for a short time. After that, the lips are even drier.

When the lips are dry, we tend to pick up the dry skin and cause sores. Well, the lips can slowly blacken and dull. So, don’t lick your lips, ok?

3. Diligently exfoliate with natural products or ingredients

Instead of licking lips, just do this habit. Now there are many exfoliating products specifically for lips. You can also make your own at home, for example mixing sugar with honey.

Sugar acts as a particle that helps remove dead skin cells. Meanwhile, honey serves to moisturize the lips. You don’t have to do it every day, just twice a week is enough.

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4. Drink enough mineral water
One way to prevent dark lips is to keep yourself well hydrated. The trick is to drink enough mineral water every day.

According to Healthline, if we lack water, our skin can become dehydrated, dry, and cracked. If the skin on the lips is cracked, it can lead to sores and darkening of the skin.

Dermatologist, Dr. Arini Widodo, Sp. KK also says that dehydration is the main cause of dry skin. He explained that dry skin is not a simple problem, it is not only dry and dull but makes our skin more sensitive to allergens, irritants, and others. This condition causes many skin problems.

5. Use an SPF lip balm
One of the factors that cause dark lips is exposure to sunlight. It turns out that not only the skin of the face or body, but the lips can also turn black due to the bad effects of sunlight.

Reported by Medical News Today, using sunscreen on the skin and lips is an effective way to treat hyperpigmentation or premature aging of the skin. For that, you can use a lip balm that contains SPF before applying lipstick.